fertility figure

At the age of 50, I am one of the decreasing proportion of women who have never used hormonal contraception.  Over thirty five years or so of menstrual cycling I have very gradually come to realise how critical my natural menstrual cycle has been in shaping my identity and life-path.   The cycle has been my source of learning, of groundedness, of dignity, of connection, of wildness and of immense power.

Without the cycle, I am sure my life would have been more sensible, more convenient, tamer, duller.  I am also sure that I would never have realised anything was missing.

In using hormonal contraception, I believe that women unwittingly give up their birthright for the sake of “convenience” and never know that they have been robbed.

In these posts I intend to:

  • Document my own experience and invite other women to compare and share their own
  • Question some modern discourses on menstruation, fertility and hormonal birth control
  • Raise some questions on the ways in which the mass medication of women with hormonal birth control may be affecting our individual lives and our culture